Christ Lutheran Church Stover, MO
Christ Lutheran Church
Thursday, December 14, 2017
Loving GOD Through Worship and Service
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Prayer Corner

Sister Congregations
Immanuel Lutheran ~ Springfield, Gloria Dei Lutheran ~ St. Louis; 
Missionaries, Pastors and Missionaries from our church, persecuted Christians
Government and Law Enforcement
Individuals serving in every branch of our government, Men and Women serving in the Military, and First Responders serving our country.



Family & Friends

Don McKillop, Jennie Ellis (cancer), Rita Lehman (cancer), Ben VanDyke (cancer), Brynn McCartney (childhood brain cancer), Rodger Eckgoff, Barbara Meyer, Shawn rath, Beulah Ehlers, Lora Harms (cancer), Wayne Dumas, Jeannette Lewis, Anna Mae Mantels, Cub Connor, Jean Rath, Carolyn Showengerdt, Rosaline Scott


In Care Centers

Bud and Esther Boeschen, Esther Knuth, Joan Bauer, Christina Kerksiek, Ralph Lemler, John L. Heimsoth

(Prayer concerns will remain on our prayer list for five weeks, unless notified to remove. You may also renew the listing if you wish the person to remain on for a longer time. If you have a name to add to our list, please write a note and place it in the parish secretary's mailbox, located on the wall next to Pastor's office.)